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Personalized hair growth topical + hair loss test

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Our simple, at-home genetic test allows us to analyze your hair loss genes and then custom- tailor the optimal solution for you based on clinical evidence tied to your DNA biomarkers.

You’ll receive your customized hair growth topical within 12 days of returning your test.

Hair loss DNA test

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  • Easy at-home cheek swab
  • Hair loss & treatment susceptibility report
  • Test helps you avoid ineffective treatments
  • Results lead to a tailored formulation
  • Includes free access to dermatologist support

* Our Genetic Test is exclusively bundled with our hair growth topical to guarantee premium treatment quality; it’s not available separately.

Personalized topical

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  • Promotes hair growth and stops hair loss
  • Genetically personalized combination & dosaging
  • Combination of FDA approved & clinically-backed formulations
  • Dermatologist reviewed
  • Easy once a day application
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Personalized hair growth topical + hair loss test

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